The Differences between Listing and Buyer's Agents for Real Estate

Posted on Monday, 17 February 2014

Whenever a client wants to buy or sell a house, he would certainly need advice from a real estate agent. It is their job to know the fundamentals of a household and its price in the market. Since the housing industry relies on the buying and selling of houses, some real estate agents specifically choose a field of expertise. Two types of such agents are called listing agents and buyer's agents.

Listing agents focus on helping their clients sell their houses in the real estate market. They do the initial inspections of the house in question and make suitable price offers based on their observations. They also handle the listing of the house through the MLS and make sure that potential negotiations are taking place.

Buyer's agents are the real estate agents that help customers select proper houses for purchase. They use the MLS system to trace the desired houses for their clients and make offers based on initial inspections of the said house. They also handle the paper work and inform the clients if the potential house is available and good for residing.

These two types of real estate agents handle the housing business with knowledge and experience, so much so that capable listing agents may also be good buyer's agents and vice versa. However, one should note that it’s proper to hire separate agents for buying and selling in order to prevent an agent from over-working and to make transactions more efficient and on time.


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